Bossladies Magazine - Issue 05

Bossladies Magazine is an biannual print publication, illustrating the growing, global community of creative women entrepreneurs.  Each issue of Bossladies Magazine is centered upon one city and features the stories of a diverse group of women from that city whom we admire.  As such, Bossladies offers both the inspiration to create and grow meaningful, ethical, and sustainable businesses, and the practical knowledge required to make the endeavor a success.

Since 2016, we have produced magazines in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, and we have grown a community of subscribers and stockists from across the globe.  In addition to creating the magazine, we also host Work Sesh, a beloved community-building event series for female entrepreneurs. 

New issues of Bossladies Magazine are released each May and November. 
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Our Team



Chelsea Sonksen - Editor-in-Chief, Bossladies Magazine

Chelsea Sonksen

Editor & Publisher  /  @bossladiesmagazine

Chelsea is in constant pursuit of projects that allow her to feel more connected to the humans around her. Usually this takes the form of writing personal essays or curating experiences that give us space to be unsiloed. She has books piled high on her bedside and spends a great deal of time underlining the most beautiful bits. Chelsea and her partner Pete live in Santa Monica where they spend their days building businesses side by side, learning from one another, and loving each other immensely.

Grey & Elle - Grace and Alice Yoon

Grey & Elle

Photographer & Designer / @greyandelle

Grey & Elle is the collaboration of two sisters, Grace and Alice Yoon. Grace is a photographer who specializes in documentary and portrait photography and has a passion for strange and emotional fine art photography. Alice is a designer with a background in interior design and business development. Grace and Alice are native Angelenos who thrive on traveling and exploring ways to spark their creativity.

Marisa Vitale

marisa vitale

Photographer / @marisavitalephoto

Marisa is a lifestyle and portrait photographer who lives in Venice Beach with her husband, her twins, and her twin siamese cats. When she's not out traversing LA on photo shoots, you can find her cruising the neighborhood with her kids on their Bangladeshi rickshaw, questing for the perfect non-crowded hiking spot in LA, or on a road trip or international flight feeding her insatiable wanderlust.

Kadie Smith - Drop Cap Design

kadie smith

Designer / @dropcapdesign

Kadie is a brand designer based in Dallas, TX. An Alabama native, Kadie made the trek to Texas in 2013 in search of new experiences and adventure. Soon after, she launched Drop Cap Design, a boutique studio where she creates brand identities for both start-ups and large corporations. Drop Cap Design is run under the belief that a company's visual message should match the quality of their work.