Fireside Chat with Sugar Paper

sugar paper and bossladies magazine

Fireside Chats nights are my favorite. Afterward, I feel full of possibility, and I see new ways of looking at my business and my life. I’m so grateful that Marisa and I teamed up to host this event series because it has seriously been one of the highlights of my year.  (We’ll be launching Fireside Chats in Dallas this fall in collaboration with Kadie Smith of Drop Cap Design. Texas ladies, stay tuned.)

This Sunday we had the pleasure of chatting with Chelsea and Jamie, the founders of Sugar Paper. I’ve been obsessed with the Sugar Paper brand since I moved to Santa Monica and discovered the shop while I was wandering through the Brentwood Mart. I actually partnered with Sugar Paper about a year ago to host a Love Letter Writing Workshop when I ran a very different company. Working with Chelsea, Jamie, and their team was so delightful. They’re warm, generous, and thoughtful. So when I began brainstorming the 25 women we’d feature in the first issue of bossladies, they were at the top of the list. It was especially meaningful to invite them to the stage this weekend to share more of their story with all of you.

bossladies fireside chat

This was the first Fireside Chat that we recorded, so now women outside of LA can tune in to our chats, too! A huge thank you to Pete of Queue DJ, my love and resident sound artist here at Bossladies, for making this digital conversation a reality. I grew up in a small town in Maine, and I was always disappointed that all the interesting events happened in the cities and I couldn’t be part of any of them. So this is for all our friends in rural areas who deserve access to creative inspiration too.

bossladies fireside chat

A few of the topics we covered:

  • Sugar Paper is opening a new store this summer! Hear more about why they are investing in specialty brick and mortar while so much of the world is turning digital.
  • The business dynamic between Chelsea and Jamie. As they describe it, Chelsea pushes and Jamie pulls. (You’ll learn more about what that means in the conversation.)
  • Their collaboration with J.Crew – and the day that Mickey Drexler called Chelsea out of the blue.
  • Getting discovered by Reese Witherspoon
  • The brand book that Chelsea is creating to communicate the Sugar Paper values to all future employees and team members. (Genius. Every brand needs one of these.)
  • Marketing advice Seth Godin gave Sugar Paper

Also, a little side note: meeting all of you at our events every month is just the best. This Sunday we had about 40 women in the room who run businesses from branding to blogging to baking. It made me so happy to see people taking notes as Chelsea and Jamie were sharing bits of wisdom. I can’t wait to see what everyone DOES with that new knowledge. (Seriously though, if something cool comes of it, will you send me a letter to tell me? Preferably on Sugar Paper stationery. :) 

Next month’s chat will be with Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett on Sunday June 11 in Venice. Seating is limited, so purchase your ticket early. 

event partners | venue: parachute hotel | wine: tank garage wine | water: boxed water
photography: bree mccool | guest gifts: sugar paper
event production crew: grey & elle, naomi hudson-knapp.
podcast production: peter randall of queue dj