Full Moon Supper

Bossladies Full Moon Supper
Peter Sheldon Ceramics

About three months ago I posted on Instagram that I wanted to host an intimate supper. My friend Britt Alwerud, the founder of Handlr, commented back. "Host it at my house?" Britt lives in the middle of Topanga on a family farm with two horses, a donkey named Goose, two dogs, and at least one cat, so the answer was a very obvious, 'YES!' We planned every detail of the event with extra care, shaping the perfect evening. And this Saturday it finally came to life as 14 women gathered in Topanga to enjoy a long, slow dinner under the oak tree and the full moon. 

thyme cafe

We began the evening enjoying appetizers by Thyme Cafe and wine from Winc as we sat next to Britt's horses and the cutest little donkey you've ever seen. 

Thyme Cafe

Then we wandered up to the table for a long, delicious meal that we enjoyed as the sun set. 

Thyme Cafe
Maire Bryne Thyme Cafe
Thyme Cafe
Thyme Cafe
Sweet Laurel
Bossladies Full Moon Supper
Hallman Ray - Tower 28 Creative
Jan McCarthy
Starling Jewelry
Hill & Oak Florals

After dinner, and the most delicious carrot cake with coconut frosting from Sweet Laurel, Britt lit a fire in their fire pit, and we curled up on the pillows and blankets she'd set out for late night chats about everything from online dating to business. Britt broke out the mescal and everyone's face began to glow - from the fire, the company, and the liquor. It was a delicious evening in every way. 

A gracious thank you to our event partners:
Host: Britt Alwerud of Handlr
Photography: Marisa Vitale
Linens: Cultiver
Ceramics: Peter Sheldon
Catering: Thyme Cafe
Wine: Winc
Cake: Sweet Laurel
Flowers: Hill & Oak Florals
Menus and Place cards: Epoch Design


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