Away Luggage's Unexpected New Endeavor

Away Luggage
Away Luggage

A scenario all too relatable—You’re in the middle of the airport, ready to check into your flight, and suddenly your phone dies. You scramble to find an outlet in the terminal and try to resurrect your phone before you need to board. This is precisely the unnecessary travel stressor that Jen Rubio and Steph Korey knew they could help people avoid. So they created a suitcase that is not only sleek and gorgeous, but also incredibly utilitarian: their bags will actually charge your phone.

Jen Rubio - Away

Jen and Steph met when they were both working for everyone’s favorite eyewear startup, Warby Parker. Jen was running Warby’s social media, and Steph worked on the supply chain. A few years later, after Jen moved to London for a position as the Global Head of Innovation at All Saints and Steph attended Columbia Business School, the two teamed up to fill a glaring void in the market for relatable, beloved luggage brands.

Although Away launched just last year, they’ve already become the go-to supplier for many an avid traveler. In 2016 alone, they made ten million in revenue, raised about eleven million in funding, and grew a team of about 42. Now that they’ve created the perfect suitcase, Away aspires to mold into more of a lifestyle brand—creating the perfect iteration of each of your travel accessories.

But now Away has launched a new project, a print magazine. It's called Here, and it is a travel publication with a strong digital presence. Their early articles feature a hotel for design lovers in Paris and Phoebe Lovatt's tips on being a digital nomad. The Bossladies crew is a big fan of everything Away does, and this is no exception. Plus, they just opened their LA storefront, which means we can pop over for a new carry-on anytime we well please. 

Away Luggage

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39 1/2 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012

Photography :  Marisa Vitale

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