A Virtual Panel + Autumn Dinner Party

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Last week we sat down with some of our favorite women for an autumn dinner party and virtual panel in partnership with Campfire, a new app that allows you to ask your burning questions of people who inspire you.

We laughed a lot (did you know that Carly Kuhn is hysterical?!), enjoyed a delicious meal by Thyme Cafe, and got to know each other even better through our answers to questions on the Campfire app. 

Here are snippets of some of our favorite answers from the evening. You can tune in to the rest of the panel in the Campfire app. Enjoy!

Bossladies x Campfire

Question for Carly Kuhn:
What's been your biggest career misstep so far, and what did you learn from it?

A snippet from Carly's answer:
Someone had reached out to me to commission a piece of work, and it was an acquaintance. I did the piece, sent them a photo of it, and they ended up not wanting the piece and kind of ghosting. I ended up not getting paid. What I learned is that you have to put out your intention... 

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Erica Chidi Cohen
Campfire App

Question for Erica Chidi Cohen:
What advice can you give for someone who wants a natural childbirth (no drugs) during delivery -- what can they do to prep for this outcome?

A snippet of Erica's answer:
I think it's important to reframe the word "natural." I personally don't believe in the use of it in reference to childbirth because it's inherently competitive and creates division where they doesn't need to be any, so I think it's important for you to try to use language like "unmedicated" or "vaginal" in terms of outlining your goals. If you goal is to have an unmedicated birth ...

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Bossladies Magazine Dinner Party

Question for Ripley Rader:
How have you been able to grow your business in the ways that you have without taking on any major funding?

Snippet from Ripley's answer:
Slow and steady wins the race. We have made calculated choices down to the thread that we use...to make sure that every decision we make is not knee-jerk, is not possibly what feels like the "cool girls' club" thing to do, but is the thing that will sustain us...

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Satsuki Shibuya at Bossladies Magazine Dinner Party
Alissa Bell

Question for Satsuki Shibuya:
How do you balance your desire to stay grounded with your desire to grow your business and further your career as an artist?

Snippet from Satsuki's answer:
This has been on my mind a lot because I'm about to go into, what I call hermit mode. Basically, I operate my business in seasons. When I'm pushing out new projects, I think of myself in summertime where I'm harvesting and there are crops growing, and I also know that, for me at least, I need winter, which is hibernation to do introspective work.

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Question for Alissa Bell:
How has building a business alongside a male counterpart entrepreneur impacted / influenced you?

Snippet from Alissa's answer:
To give you a bit of background to the question, my husband is also an entrepreneur. I have to say that building a life with someone who is also an entrepreneur is really exciting but also terrifying. Today is a perfect example... 

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Chelsea Matthews

Question for Chelsea Matthews:
What's the key to finding quality team members?

A snippet of Chelsea's answer:
1) Hire for character over skill...
2) Have other people on your team interview people as well, so it feels like a joint sense of ownership when you make a decision.

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A big thank you to each of these brilliant, lovely women for sharing their wisdom with us. 

Party vendors:
Photography: Marisa Vitale
Videography: Kofa Boyah
Venue: Parachute Hotel in Venice, CA
Food: Thyme Cafe
Florals: Hill & Oak
Paper: Epoch Design
Production + Design: Bossladies
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