A Different Kind of Monday

Chelsea Sonksen, Founder of Bossladies

Ever since I can remember I've been deeply influenced by my environment. In college I never did work in the library during finals period because there was this chaotic, manic, desperate energy in there -- people so nervous to fail, people neglecting their health in hopes of studying harder. Instead, I would pack up my computer and my books, and I'd go to the coffee shop in my hometown. There, an old man sits painting almost every morning and a professor sips coffee with his wife while flipping through the New York Times. There I felt I could actually explore intellectually, let original thoughts surface, and create strong writing. For me, I needed to escape the hustle so I could slow down enough to think clearly and creatively.

I feel the same about Mondays. Often I sense this chaotic, fast-moving energy that makes me uncomfortable and makes it hard to produce thoughtful work. So I'm trying a new things where I do everything in my power to make Monday feel like Sunday - a relaxing, rejuvenating time of self-care and slowness. Because when you are your own boss, you don't need to get caught up in everyone else's grind. Especially if your best work doesn't surface from that kind of environment. 

Portrait by: Ilene Squires

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