Tips for Starting a Podcast

Uprise Art

This week I invited Molly Beck, founder of, to host a mini-workshop at Worksesh on the basics of podcasting. Molly shared so many useful tips, I thought I'd outline a few of them here for you all. 

  1. The more niche your podcast topic is, the better.

  2. The Blue Yeti is a great beginner microphone. It costs roughly $130.

  3. You can record an interview over Skype using a service like Zencastr or CallRecorder.

  4. Then you'll need to upload your audio into an editing platform. Some options are GarageBand or Audacity.

  5. The dimensions of your podcast show art should be 1400 x 1400.

  6. Make sure to find royalty-free music for your bumper music (the intro, etc). Pond5 is a good resource.

  7. Then you'll upload your podcast to a hosting service like Libsyn or Blubrry.

  8. The final step to get your podcast out into the world for listeners is to upload it to the various directories: iTunes, Stitcher, etc. (You'll only have to do this for the first episode; after that it will automatically upload.)

  9. Or, if you'd rather not use five different platforms, you can use Molly's platform MESSY.FM to record, edit, add music, upload to the directories, and get analytics. The base level of MESSY is free.

  10. Sponsorship / advertising rates are typically $20 - $40 per thousand listens. You typically invoice your advertising client 30 days after the episode runs.

  11. Make sure your podcast description and episode description are SEO optimized.

  12. Plan for it to take roughly five hours of work to produce one hour of completed audio.

Happy creating and a warm thank you to Molly for sharing her vast knowledge about podcasting with us. 

photograph: Uprise Art by Grey & Elle