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Where you spend your money matters. No matter how much you have, or how much you spend, every dollar has an impact. 

Over the past six months, I’ve become more conscious of where I spend my money. With every item I purchase, I try to consider whether it falls in line with my values.  I make an effort to seek out independent companies, often run by women, who are making products in sustainable, ethical ways. I’m doing everything I can to support the community of bossladies, not just with my enthusiasm, but with my dollars. Because if we support one another, we’ll all thrive. And if we don’t… well… then the corporate, factory-made, coming-at-you-from-a-cubicle companies will prosper. And that is not the world I want to help create.

As you begin shopping for your loved ones this holiday season, we’re excited to introduce you to some of our favorite woman-owned companies and the thoughtful, beautiful products they make.

For the first 12 days of December, we’ll feature one company each day in a Brand Spotlight on the blog and give away one of their products. The products range from a set of candles by Standard Wax to a dress by Sonnet James—and everything from notebooks to cookies in between.

Let’s make our money talk this holiday, ladies—and support our favorite women-run businesses with more than just Instagram likes.

x chelsea