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Hello ladies and happy Monday!

First we want to take a sec to THANK YOU for responding in such a huge way to our post requesting nominations for a Readers' Choice feature. We had more than 60 nominations, and it was soul-quenching to hear so many ladies gush about their favorite women in business. That's what it's all about: women supporting, celebrating, and cheering on other women as we all build our businesses together. 

As we sifted through your nominations, we discovered new bossladies we didn't know yet that we are going to be sure to support as we move forward, so thanks for introducing us to these interesting, talented women. With so many bossladies to choose from, it was mighty tricky to narrow it down, but we selected three companies we're obsessed with for the final round of voting.

To be honest, we wish we could feature all three of these ladies, but for now, we're looking to select one Readers' Choice Feature winner. So please take a look at these three businesses and comment on this post to let us know which bosslady's story you'd like us to feature!

Option A: Courtney Cowan of Milk Jar Cookies
Option B: Cloe Lane of Bon Puf
Option C: Calli Cholodenko of Something Social

Votes will be tallied on Friday at 5pm.