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When we visited Light Lab to shoot for the last issue of Bossladies, we immediately fell in love with this blush-filled, beautifully designed space. In the interview below, Light Lab owners Caroline and Anne share their journey to create a gathering space perfect for social events and elevated business occasions. Eclectic, even for LA, this venue offers a unique experience that leaves guests impressed.

Caroline Lee and Anne Sage:
We had both reached the point at which working from home was stalling our growth, and we knew that the next leap would involve taking a big risk and creating something bigger than ourselves. We’re both very collaborative when we work, and we wanted to build a space that celebrates the possibilities that arise from shared creativity and community spirit.

In our
mind’s eye, we envisioned a gathering place that was inclusive, inviting, and, of course, Instagram-friendly! A friend clued us into the existence of a 2000-square foot warehouse that was lying dormant, so we tracked down the landlord and convinced her to let us gut and renovate the whole thing! Eight months and one very steep learning curve later, Light Lab is open for business!

We chose Sarah Sherman Samuel to design the space because, not only do we adore everything Sarah designs, but we knew she’s extremely diplomatic—which is exactly what we needed. Sarah took on the task of interpreting our two very different aesthetics; she played the role of design mediator, combining Caroline’s love of bold color and avant-garde accents with Anne’s preference for subtle texture and understated styling.

Light Lab is the perfect blank canvas for creative expression of all kinds. So far we’ve hosted dinner parties, baby showers, and gallery shows; shot music videos, car commercials, and fashion look books; and watched as people hosted morning yoga classes, team-building days, and wine tasting nights.

light lab

Caroline and Anne are the founders of Light Lab a beautiful and creative studio based in Los Angeles that is perfect for all events.


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