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When I first met Audrey Bellis over a yogurt parfait at one of her favorite DTLA cafes, I couldn’t believe how quickly she spoke—or how many stats she had memorized. Within the first five minutes of our meeting, she told me about how LA is the world’s largest fashion hub, producing more clothes than NYC or Milan, that most of the flowers sold at the LA Flower Mart are shipped into a Florida port instead of one in California because it’s less expensive, and the reasons it has been difficult to get DTLA buildings outfitted with fiber internet.

This is a woman who knows the inner machinations of our city more intimately than anyone I’ve ever met. And unlike most, when she stumbles upon a process that doesn’t quite make sense—or seems like it’s operating on antiquated ideas—she tries to find a way to change it. So when she realized that most tech events were created for a male audience, she started Worthy Women, her own event series made just for the ladies.

worthy women

This November, Audrey and her team are hosting the first annual Worthy Women Conference. Guests at the three-day event will explore what it means to live as #WomenOfWorth as it pertains to career, entrepreneurship, finances, relationships, and leadership.

They have a number of inspiring speakers on the schedule including Natasha Case (Founder of CoolHaus), Freya Estreller (Founder of Ludlows), Monica Marquez (Women at Google), and Patty Rodriguez (Lil’ Libros).

Day One: Pink Carpet Reception honoring 100 inaugural #WomenOfWorth
Day Two: An all-day conference with keynotes, panels, a fireside chat, and an after party
Day Three: A mimosa brunch with Amber Rose, who will teach us how to live “unapologetically out loud”

SPECIAL OFFER: Three-day packages go for $350, but Worthy Women has offered our readers 20% off with the code BOSSLADIES20. Click here to learn more and purchase a ticket.

If you can’t make it to the conference but want to be involved in this community of strong women, Worthy Women will continue hosting free monthly panels next year on the third Wednesday of every month from February through October.

worthy women conference