Q: I purchased a subscription, and I haven't received a magazine yet. Why not?
A: First of all, thank you for becoming a subscriber! It means so much to us. Secondly, purchasing a subscription means you'll receive the next issue of Bossladies (and all future issues) at a reduced rate. If you'd also like to purchase past issues, you can do that in our shop

Q: I would love to sell Bossladies at my store! How do I become a stockist?
A: Yay! We love adding new shops to our bossladies family. Please complete our wholesale application. Once we receive your application, we'll give you access to our stockist store, where you can purchase magazines at a wholesale rate. Anytime you sell out, you can log back into the stockist store to order more.

Q: How do I update my info or cancel my subscription?
A: You may update your mailing address, payment info, or cancel your subscription at any time at this link or by contacting our sales team at: sales@bossladies.us. We'll be sad to see you go and hope you'll reconnect with us soon! 

Q: What city are you going to next?
A: Issue 03: New York will publish the first week of May, and Issue 04, which is also New York, will publish in November. Next year we're headed to London and DC.

Q: What exactly happens at your Work Sesh events?
A: Good question! A ticket to our work sesh includes a full month of events, one morning each week. Each month we accept a group of about 30 women, and over the course of the month, we form friendships, create collaborative projects, hire each other for work. We hold each other accountable, inspire each other, and grow our businesses side by side. I take care to create a warm, inviting environment where each woman feels seen, valued, and part of the group.

Do we do a lot of "work"? No, not really. Most weeks I don't take out my computer at all. Instead, I have the most valuable conversations of my week, plan new directions for my business, and find talented women to work with. And, to me, that's 100x more valuable than cranking through another to-do list. 

Q: I worry my magazine was lost in the mail. I haven't received it yet, but it says it shipped. 

A: It doesn't happen often, but sometimes USPS does fail us. Send us an email at sales@bossladies.us. We'll find out what's going on and get you all squared away!