Which issue will my subscription start with and how many will I receive?

Bossladies Magazine is published on a biannual basis, with new issues released the first weeks of November and May.  Print and digital subscriptions receive one copy of the upcoming issue upon its release.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

Subscribing to Bossladies offers readers the newest editions of Bossladies Magazine delivered to their door twice per year.  Subscribers save 35% off the individual retail price of each issue and receive a promotional code for an additional 20% off print and digital editions of prior issues in our shop.  US subscribers do not pay additional additional shipping fees.  

Digital subscribers receive the latest edition of the magazine as an .epub file, delivered to their email as a downloadable link.

Do subscriptions auto-renew?

All subscriptions will auto-renew on the day that they are due to expire: six months after purchase for print and digital subscriptions.

Should you prefer your subscription not to auto-renew, you can disable this function in your subscription settings. Simply provide your email, click on the link provided, and select "Cancel Subscription." This will end the recurring payment but continue the subscription for the upcoming issue if payment has already been processed.

My subscription has ended. How do I renew?

Your subscription will automatically renew, so you don’t need to take any further action to keep receiving new issues of Bossladies.

Can I purchase a digital subscription of Bossladies Magazine?

Yes, we offer biannual digital subscriptions for Bossladies Magazine, which can be purchased here.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your subscription settings. Simply provide your email, click on the link provided, and select "Cancel Subscription." This will end the recurring payment but continue the subscription for the upcoming issue if payment has already been processed.

I have relocated since subscribing. How do I change my address?

You may update your mailing address at any time by logging into your subscription settings. Simply provide your email, click on the link provided, and edit your listed mailing address.  

Please note that we are unable to accept responsibility for replacement issues if the correct information is not supplied.



How soon can I expect my order?

Delivery can take 1–2 weeks for orders within the US, or 4–8 weeks for international shipments depending on your location and local customs.* If you have any questions about your order, feel free to write to us at:

*International orders may be subject to import duties and customs taxes. All incurred charges are the responsibility of the buyer: Bossladies has no control over these. Any questions or queries for customs policies must be made to your local customs office.

What should I do if I don’t receive an issue?

Please write to our customer service team at:

Where does Bossladies deliver?

Bossladies ships worldwide. If you would like confirmation that we can ship to your address, please contact our customer service department at:

Can I order any back issues in print?

Yes, however we have limited inventory for our back issues. Find prior issues available in our shop.

What are the different shipping costs?

For a single issue purchase the shipping costs vary from $3USD to $12USD. Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout once the country to which the shipment is being sent has been specified. You will be aware of the shipping cost before submitting your order. Please note that the shipping costs are included in the price for subscriptions ($17.50USD for orders shipping to the US and $28USD for orders shipping outside of the US).

Why are international shipping and handling costs so high?

We print and ship from Los Angeles, California, hence the high shipping costs to international destinations. We are always looking for ways to save readers expensive shipping and handling costs, so if you would like to know where to find a copy of Bossladies Magazine in your city, we have a growing list of stockists available on our website and are always happy to receive more suggestions.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Bossladies accepts PayPal and most major credit cards.



Who do I contact with press inquiries?

For press inquiries, product mentions, or spotlights, please write to:

Who do I contact with advertising inquiries?

For advertising inquiries for print or digital, please write to:

Who do I contact with wholesale inquiries?

For inquiries about wholesales, please write to:

Who do I contact with general inquiries?

For inquiries about customer service please write to:

Is the media on your site copyrighted?

All content that appears on this site is the exclusive property of Bossladies, LLC and/or contributors operating under licensing agreements with Bossladies, and is protected under international copyright laws. Content is not to be downloaded, reproduced, copied, stored, manipulated, projected, used or altered in any way, alone or with any other material, or by use of computer or other electronic means without the express written permission of Bossladies. The use of any material as the basis for another creative concept is a violation of copyright.

Do I need to create an account to use

Registration is only required to receive online newsletters and to purchase products. When you register, you agree that personal information such as your name and email address will be used to deliver the newsletter services requested. We collect the information we need to identify who you are, to provide you with the service or information that you requested, and/or to facilitate your participation in an online forum or community (where applicable). Newsletters may include advertising or marketing messages from carefully selected partners.

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