Pucher Law Inc.

Small batch law for small, medium, and growing businesses.

Specialties + Skills: 

Human Resources & Employment Law: Jennifer drafts personalized employment contracts and personnel policies, including employment handbooks. Jennifer also provides custom legal advice along the spectrum of California and federal employment law including the initial hiring process, wage and hour issues (including classification of exempt and non-exempt employees), leaves of absence, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, privacy and trade secret issues, and terminations.  Jennifer also conducts employee complaint investigations and trainings to provide guidance and minimize management liability.

Business Law: Jennifer provides guidance on the business formation process. Jennifer also advises on legal compliance and resolves your disputes. 

Contracts: Jennifer negotiates and drafts custom contracts for clients, vendors, talent, employees, influencers, and others. Jennifer also advises and provides guidance on landlord and third-party contracts.

Trademarks: Jennifer performs the trademark search, obtains the trademark, and maintains your ownership.

Clients: Currently representing clients in a variety of industries including: beauty spa services, commercial real estate, investment banking, luxury beauty services, print media, and service dog registry. Client testimonials available upon request.

Website: www.pucherlaw.com
Instagram: @pucherlaw        
Homebase City: Santa Monica