One-Day Circle Miracle Mile, July

One-Day Circle Miracle Mile, July


Truly meaningful projects don’t take root in a vacuum. Each new idea, creative endeavor, or entrepreneurial venture requires the support of a vibrant community.

While many of our days are spent working from home, our circles bring us back together.

The circles are full of warm, generous, creative women. We are entrepreneurs and artists, writers, designers, photographers, and, above all else, humans who believe in engaging deeply with ideas and asking ourselves the interesting questions. We believe that this engaged introspection creates a depth and texture within us that fuels the work itself.

Over the past two and a half years, Worksesh has been a space of community building and business acceleration for many of us. In the circle we seek a deeper clarity about our own experience, as entrepreneurs and as women, and we hold space for the experience of others.

We invite you to bring your whole self to the circle. To leave all the posturing at the door. Here we invite you to bring every bit of you — every unpolished edge, every one of your brightest bits. We promise to do the same.

One-Day Circle, July —

Venue: Lisa’s home in Miracle Mile
Address: Exact address will be emailed to guests the day prior to our first event
Date: Friday, July 19th
Time: 11a - 1:30p

(We will also have a full series in July that we’ll be hosting in Manhattan Beach.)

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