Bossladies Magazine and Well-Read Black Girl

About Us.


Running a business can be a lonely endeavor. There are days of uncertainty and nights when it seems your to do list will never end. There are a dozen roadblocks: fees you didn’t expect, regulations you didn’t know about, moments in which you disappoint those close to you - or perhaps even yourself. There are long afternoons spent at your computer, chugging through your emails, fifth cup of coffee in hand.

But you keep going. You keep building. You keep learning and growing, becoming a better version of yourself - a more thoughtful, articulate, capable leader.

To all the women who have been there, Bossladies is for you.

We publish two magazines each year - an Autumn issue in November and a Spring issue in May. Each issue is geographically based, featuring the most interesting founders, artists, and events in one particular city. We carefully select a diverse group of women in a range of industries and share their stories with you.

In addition to the magazine, we’re also committed to hosting events that bring women together to offer encouragement, resources, and wisdom. We currently host our Work Sesh Series in LA, Chicago, Dallas, and New York.


All of our writers, photographers, and designers are women.

We print locally, right here in Los Angeles.

We use a recycled paper and work to make our printing process as sustainable as possible.

ISSUE 01 - Los Angeles
ISSUE 02 - Los Angeles
ISSUE 03 - New York
ISSUE 04 - New York (November 2017)
ISSUE 05 - San Francisco (May 2018)
ISSUE 06 - London (November 2018)