Work Sesh is for you if :

  1. You're currently building a company or a body of creative work, and you'd like to meet other women doing the same.
  2. You typically work from home or from a co-working space, and you find yourself craving more thoughtful conversations and a greater sense of community throughout the work week.
  3. You'd be grateful to have a circle of women in your life who can give thoughtful feedback, recommend a great accountant, or beta-test your new product. 


Words from Work Sesh Women

Attending Work Sesh is the best thing I've done for not only my businesses and growing my network, but also my sanity as a solopreneur. It's my weekly "entrepreneurs anonymous" session where I know I'm going to be able to share my success, new ideas, and happy moments both personally and professionally, as well as my challenges, fears, and frustrations that come with being an entrepreneur. Don't get it twisted - you won't get much "work" done at Work Sesh, but what you will get done is far more valuable than answering a few emails.

-     Baily Hancock, Collaboration Consultant

Powerful women, beautiful hearts, and real conversation about business. Work Sesh has invigorated me both personally and professionally, and I can't stop going back for more.

-     Libby Crow, Business Coach

Work Sesh has become my support system, my collaborative extended team, and a resource that has helped me grow my biz. Chelsea attracts some of the most amazing women entrepreneurs who genuinely care about the impact they're making in the world AND in helping one another rise instead of stepping all over each other to get ahead (as was my experience in a good portion of the corporate world).  Whether you're just starting your biz or have been in biz for many years, Work Sesh will give you the support & confidence you need to keep going and growing!

-     Hilary Hartling, Brand Synergist

Bossladies Work Sesh feels like being part of a kick ass girls’ club. We're so lucky we were part of it from the beginning. It's been  important for our business, but the best part has been the friends we’ve made.

-     Grace Yoon, co-founder Grey & Elle