Running your own business can be overwhelming and lonely.

In the sea of endless to-do lists, it can be difficult to remember to come up for air and connect with real human beings in a way that will not only re-energize you, but will also strengthen your business.  

Over the years, we’ve found that what can propel your business to the next level, more than any resource, skill set, or idea, is your community. These are the people who come to your launch party when you release a new product, connect you with the best designer for your rebrand, and continually refer clients to your business.  

There is no school for entrepreneurship; no central hub where everyone gathers. You have to build your community yourself. Worksesh makes this easy.

Workweek Conference by Bossladies

How does it work? —

Each Worksesh group meets four times over the course of the month. The reason for this is simple: real relationships take time to root, and that’s what we’re creating space for. This is not a networking group where you’ll pocket some business cards and head on your way, frustrated that you drove all the way across the city and hardly connected with anyone. This is a group of women committed to supporting one another, in business and in life, and forming strong, lasting friendships.

Each week we gather at a boutique hotel, member’s home, or unique community space, and share current successes, struggles, and projects within our businesses, but we also create space for conversations that go beyond business, for we believe that our personal and business lives are permeable and interconnected -- and that the health of one depends upon the health of the other.

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Over the past two years, more than 300 women have been part of Worksesh in their city. Here are thoughts from a few —

I came into Worksesh on the verge of looking for freelance work to help me float my fledgling business — now, mere months later, I'm fully booked and actually turning down projects that don't fit my brand identity. The supportive group of creative women and the weekly discussion topics that Chelsea has carefully curated have 100% assisted me in building up my confidence in my own business and driving it forward into growth mode.

- Taryn Bone, Architect and Principal of Bone Collective Studio

As a consistently busy freelance writer, the only thing I miss about working in a full-time job is the sense of community and camaraderie with smart, interesting women. Worksesh is exactly that. I don’t know how it always manages to attract just the right people to feed my need-to-know-what’s-new and inspire my creativity, but it’s kind of magical that way.

- Julie Curtis, Freelance Copywriter

Attending Worksesh is the best thing I've done for not only my businesses and growing my network, but also my sanity as a solopreneur. It's my weekly "entrepreneurs anonymous" where I know I'm going to be able to share my success, new ideas, and happy moments both personally and professionally, as well as my challenges, fears, and frustrations that come with being an entrepreneur. Don't get it twisted - you won't get much "work" done at Worksesh, but what you will get done is far more valuable than answering a few emails.

- Baily Hancock, Collaboration Consultant

Bossladies is a place that welcomes women from every age group, every profession, and every stage of entrepreneurship with overwhelming support, compassion, advice and inspiration. I've made everlasting friends though this group and am so appreciative for the vision and leadership from Chelsea to create such welcoming and warm environment.

- Jan McCarthy, Artist

The Format —

10 - 10:30
Catch up with one another over tea, coffee, and a light breakfast

10:30 - noon
The Circle

Our signature event format in which we honor the Native American tradition of the Circle to create space for more vulnerable, insightful sharing of our experience with one another. This format gives each woman a moment to be heard by the group, and it ensures that throughout the course of the month you’ll get to know all 30 women intimately.

Noon - 1pm
This time is set aside to continue conversations about topics that arose during the circle and to connect one-on-one with each other. Usually, one week of the month we bring in an expert to present on an important topic. In the past year, we’ve hosted mini-workshops on data analytics, sales funnels, Instagram marketing, PR, podcasting, and trend forecasting.

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Next steps —

  • Register for an upcoming series and block off the four mornings in your calendar.

  • The day before the first event, you'll receive an email from your host reminding you of the address, parking details, and anything else you'll need to know.

  • After your first Worksesh, you’ll get access to the private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to connect with all former and current Worksesh women.

We can't wait to welcome you into the circle and learn more about your business.


— photograph by: Grey & Elle