Branding Elevation Workshop

Branding Elevation Workshop


Branding Elevation is a 3-hour immersive workshop with Jessica Comingore, the founder and creative director of Marbury, a boutique branding studio based in Los Angeles.

The event will take place from 2:00 - 5:00pm on Wednesday, October 3rd at Deer Creek Ridge in Malibu California.

The workshop will be broken into four parts, including lectures, hands-on exercises, case studies, and an open Q&A. During our time together, you’ll learn:

  • The foundational elements and language of branding.

  • The qualities that make a brand impactful and successful.

  • What areas of your brand to focus on and invest in depending on your business type.

We’ll also dive into some common branding questions and misconceptions, including:

  • Why less is more when it comes to your brand’s offerings.

  • How to identify when it’s time to rebrand.

  • When and when not to use your name for your brand.

  • Why you are not your brand.

Takeaways from the workshop will include:

  • A mission statement (a.k.a. the why) for your brand.

  • A mood board that reinforces your why through concrete visuals.

  • A workbook of additional branding prompts and design resources.

  • An actionable next-step plan to refine, clarify, and up-level your brand.

This workshop is for you if any of the below resonate:

  • You feel like there is a disconnect between your business’s branding and the level of your offerings, and/or the audience you want to be speaking to.

  • You’re a business owner who knows branding is something you should be thinking about, but don’t know what it means or where to begin.

  • Your brand is 1-3 years old and you’ve taken an (unsuccessful) DIY approach to your branding.

  • You’ve yet to launch your brand and want to know where branding fits into the bigger puzzle.

About Jessica

With a refined eye for design, and over a decade of experience in the lifestyle industry, Jessica Comingore brings a unique and thoughtful approach to her role as the creative director of Marbury, focusing on the individual needs of each of the studio’s clients to offer a holistic brand experience, from concept to execution.

From interior designers, to restaurants, to fashion brands, to products, Jessica has branded businesses in every facet of the lifestyle industry, and has worked with the industry’s top names to create original lifestyle content as both a designer and a brand herself. Over the years, Jessica has grown her practice to include a talented and trustworthy team of designers and creatives that make Marbury the dynamic studio that it is today.

Please note: All tickets are non-refundable. One ticket per guest.

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